Startup GoGuidia creates virtual campaign to award tourism guides and interact with the public during social isolation

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The celebration of the national day of the tour guide will be online and includes competitions in different categories among professionals.

Although the population remains in social isolation due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, GoGuidia, a São Paulo startup that connects tourists to tour guides, created a virtual campaign to commemorate the day of the tour guide, which will be on May 10.

The idea is, in addition to not letting the date go by, to promote interaction between these professionals and the public, composed of residents who want to know a little more about their city and also tourists from other places.

The Experimenta! Guia Movement will award professionals in three categories and the winners, who will be chosen by the public through online voting between May 8th and 10th, will receive cash bonuses. “This was a way we found to generate revenue for these professionals who had their income very affected by social isolation”, comments CEO Tiago Lucio. The company will support the campaign for 72 hours, which will also feature lives on its social networks and new blog posts with content also produced by Tourism Guides.

Many people do not know the work of the receptive Tourism Guide, which is not restricted to taking people to a certain location. He has a fundamental role to present the story in an interesting way, to show details that our eyes do not always reach and to tell curiosities that only those who research and explore are able to know! Founded a short time ago, the São Paulo startup GoGuidia is specialized in connecting tourists to tour guides and, although they are not acting in its main focus, for obvious reasons, the team mobilized to do something different, on this date that is special for the company partners.

To participate in the campaign, professionals must register by May 7, through the GoGuidia website, by clicking on the Experimenta Guia option and sharing short videos about the history of the cities and photos of the guides they have already taken, or choose the other categories of the awards.

About GoGuidia

GoGuidia is a digital platform that solves the problems of cost and access to quality tourism, connecting people to experiences with the support of a regulated tourism guide and interactions that are only possible through technology.

For now, the operation is concentrated in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, some coastal cities, such as Santos and São Vicente and the interior, mainly in the fruit circuit (Itupeva, Jundiaí, Louveira, Valinhos and Vinhedo), with expansion plans for throughout Brazil and constant service developments, motivated by the evaluations and perceptions of customers and tour guides.

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